Merohedral Twin Detector: Padilla-Yeates Algorithm

Merohedral Twin Detector: Padilla-Yeates Algorithm

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Reference J. Padilla & T. O. Yeates. A statistic for local intensity differences: robustness to anisotropy and pseudo-centering and utility for detecting twinning. Acta Crystallogr. D59, 1124-30, 2003.

Perform the Twin Test on Your Data
Indicate the format of input stucture factors.
CNS/X-PLOR format
F and sigma(F) must be labeled "FOBS" and "SIGMA"
free format
h, k, l, F, and sigma(F) read in free format
Upload structure factors:
Indicate the space group

P2 or P2 C2

P222 or P2221 or P21212 or P21212 1 C222 or C2221 I222 or I212121 F222
P3 or P31 or P32 R3 (hexagonal) P321 or P3121 or P3221
P312 or P3112 or P3212 R32 (hexagonal)
P4 or P41 or  P42 or P43 I4 or I41
P422 or P4212 or P4122 or P4222 or P4322 or P41212 or P42212 or P43212
I422 or I4122
P6 or P61 or P62 or P63 or P64or P65
P622 or P6122 or P6222 or P6322 or P6422 or P6522
P23 or P213 I23 or I213 F23 P432 or P4132 or P4232 or P4332
I432 or I4132 F432 or F4132
Click the submission button below to perform twinning analysis.

A plot of the twinning statistic should appear IN THIS BOX momentarily. To intepret your plot, compare with the images at the top of this page.
This twinning test was implemented with the program "dataman" available from the Uppsala Software Factory

The original twinning server can be accessed from the UCLA Twinning Server

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