FAD or NADP Rossmann-fold detector

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Searches any protein sequence for the [V/I]XGX(1-2)GX(2)GX(3)[G/A] motif: protein sequences that contain this motif likely adopt the Rossmann fold and bind to FAD or NADP cofactors.

Membrane proteins contain a larger frequency of glycine residues than soluble protein sequences and should not be tested here for the Rossmann fold. The program MOMENT, http://nihserver.mbi.ucla.edu/moment/, can be used to detect probable membrane protein sequences.

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The protein sequences from 25 bacterial genomes were searched for the [V/I]XGX(1-2)GX(2)GX(3)[G/A] motif: proteins containing the motif are listed in the following link:

Genomic Protein Sequences Containing the Motif

These results are summarized in our manuscript:

GXXXG and GXXXA motifs stabilize FAD- and NAD(P)- binding Rossmann folds
through Calpha-H...O hydrogen bonds and van der Waals interactions
Gary Kleiger and David Eisenberg
JMB 323(1);69.