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The UCLA-DOE Structure Evaluation server is a tool designed to help in the refinement of crystallographic structures. It will provide you with a visual analysis of the quality of a putative crystal structure for a protein. Verify3D expects this crystal structure to be submitted in PDB format. Please note that Verify3D works best on proteins with at least 100 residues. To submit a crystal structure for analysis, simply select it with the file dialog which is activated by clicking on the Browse button below, then click the Send File button.

Form Based PDB File Upload:

Verify3D analyzes the compatibility of an atomic model (3D) with its own amino acid sequence (1D). Each residue is assigned a structural class based on its location and environment (alpha, beta, loop, polar, nonpolar, etc). A collection of good structures is used as a reference to obtain a score for each of the 20 amino acids in this structural class. The scores of a sliding 21-residue window (from -10 to +10) are added and plotted for individual residues.

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References: [Bowie et al., 1991; Luethy et al., 1992].
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